K10 360 LED Features & Benefits

  • The 14.5 foot tripod system enables users to raise the K10 LED Head to light up a larger area and achieve maximum uniformity
  • Shoulder strap included to assist easy transportation as well as an available adjustable leg for use in multiple locations and terrains
  • 360° area flood lighting, directional area flood lighting, Long distance spot lighting or a combination of all three
  • More Flexible – offers users both flood and spot beam angles and anything in between
  • More Control – The lumen output of the K10 is controlled to effectively illuminate a wide range of different working situations
  • More Efficient – Don’t waste critical battery power illuminating the sky or any other areas
  • Highest Level Of Usable Light – All products are designed on our philosophy to provide the highest level of “usable light” to the widest range of work task situations
  • Use For Any Lighting Application –  with its industry leading triple head design, the K10 puts the maximum light where you need it for any application
  • Longer Running Times –  gives you total control to optimally illuminate any work task with the high energy efficiency.